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I'm Scott Miller

Living off credit cards and way beyond our means because of my bad financial habits brought our family to financial rock bottom. So we went all-in with the Dave Ramsey baby steps and had huge success.

It was life changing, so I started helping family and friends with their finances. Finding it so rewarding to help people with money, I decided I wanted to help more people.

I knew I wanted to do it right and follow the Dave Ramsey program, so I enrolled in the Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Training course and headed to Tennessee to become a Ramsey Preferred Coach.


“This is awesome! A friend recommended working with a financial coach, but I had no idea it would be this helpful! Seeing the budget and the way you did it helped me see things so clearly. Thank you!”

- Sam 
Personal Trainer

“You are a lifesaver! You far exceeded what we expected. Thank you for helping us create a financial plan for success!”

- Sean & Amanda 

“You gave me so much more than I expected. I feel calm about money for the first time in a very long time. The budget and the way you explained it is so helpful!"

- Marilyn

Hear what our clients have to say


"I found Scott after searching the internet for a financial coach/mentor as I've struggled with managing my finances alone and was desperate to change my situation. A little about me- I'm a young professional in the first year of my dream career and have worked very hard to land where I am today. I've spent many years as a young adult just trying to "figure it out" but knew that I'm capable of more. I made the first step of managing my finances by approaching the uncomfortable money talk and got a consultation with Mr. Miller. Scott informed me of the process he follows, which aligns with Dave Ramsey's 7 baby steps program, and he assessed my needs and goals.

I've worked with Scott for a few months now and I can't say enough great things about him. He is incredibly kind, understanding, realistic, patient, and truly wants the best for his clients. Prior to taking this step, I was literally scared to check my bank account and avoided addressing my debt in hopes that they'd just disappear. Now, fortunately, Scott and I have created a very thorough budget on a month-to-month basis where we know exactly what to spend and when. We're currently in the process of attacking my debts, setting up an emergency fund, and foreseeing realistic goals for myself. Scott has made me very comfortable with his program and sharing my financial downfalls and goals with him, knowing that he is guiding me to be in the best position possible. I certainly have a ton of growth to do but I feel more confident in myself now than I have in recent years when it comes to managing my money.

If you're curious about this program and also want to make a positive change, I HIGHLY recommend reaching out. Thank you again Scott for all that you do!"

- Trenajiah
Luxury Leasing Agent
Foodie on Social Media 

"I'm excited to share my experience working with Scott Miller as my financial and business coach. I can confidently say that Scott has helped me tremendously.
Before I started working with Scott, I didn't have a budget in place. But Scott worked with me and my wife to help us get clarity and direction on our finances. He has a way of breaking things down and putting us at ease that everything will work out. As a result, we now have a solid budget that we can rely on.

Scott's guidance and support didn't stop there, as he also provided invaluable direction for our business. He helped me focus and prioritize the important things in my business, and I feel more confident in my ability to achieve success.

Overall, I highly recommend Scott Miller as a financial and business coach. He has a way of simplifying complex topics and providing clear direction. If you're looking for someone who can help you achieve your financial and business goals, Scott is the right choice. Thank you, Scott, for all of your help!"

- Rod and Katie
Business Owners

"I reached out for financial coaching because I couldn't seem to keep my head above water with my finances. I was making enough money that I should have been in a better place financially.

After a few short months working with Scott, I was able to make a significant dent in my debt while also changing my thought process when it came to budgeting.

Scott is a very likable and understanding person. He never judges your actions or setbacks, instead he finds a way to uplift you and get you back on track.

Before working with Scott, I felt like I was taking one step forward and two steps back. Since working together, I now have a handle on my budget and spending. Scott gave me the knowledge I needed to get my finances together. Scott is a pleasure to work with."

- Mike
Sr. Technical Support Specialist

"We have been working with Scott Miller going on just a month, within the first month we have implemented what I would call a "return to the basics of handling money 101".  Sounds easy right?

We reached out to Scott as our daily lives picked up pace year after year with work life, the addition of multiple children, sports, schooling, and the like. The cumulation of multiple different aspects of life started forging their own money highways, thus we couldn't be on multiple highways with one destination in mind, which is why we reached out to Scott.

With Scott, we've have begun to merge these highways back together with a plan in just a short time, which in turn provides a level of comfort knowing and seeing these steps starting to come to fruition. Scott is easy and understanding to work with, he's been there done that, his recipe works!!"


Where Would You Like To Start?

Managing Debt

Debt can be a significant financial burden that restricts your ability to achieve your financial goals. 

Paying off debt will reduce your financial stress and provide a sense of financial security and freedom, allowing you to focus on building your savings and investing in your future.


Saving Money

Saving money is an essential habit that can help you achieve your financial goals and build long-term wealth.  By building an emergency (savings) fund you can create a cushion that can be used to cover unexpected expenses which then allows you to invest in your future or achieve your long-term financial objectives.


Budgeting Money

Having a budget is like giving yourself a raise.  The most effective way to take control of your money is to create a budget and stick to it, which can help you identify areas where you can cut back on expenses and prioritize your spending. By making budgeting a habit, you can develop financial discipline and secure your financial future.  


Book a Financial Coaching Call


  • Struggling with debt?
  • Wondering where your money goes each month?
  • Needing help getting started with a budget?
  • Looking to identify your financial goals and create a strategy to make it happen?
  • Letting money issues affect your relationships or work?

You are not alone. Many situations can benefit from one-on-one financial coaching. I offer a FREE consultation in order to evaluate your needs.

Note: I do NOT sell investment products or insurance products. If financial coaching is a good fit, we can talk about how to proceed if you like.

FREE Coaching Session

In this free consultation we will discuss: 

  • Your financial questions (what keeps you up at night?)

  • Your financial goals
  • Budgeting basics

  • Income & expenses

  • Creating a plan for financial success

If financial coaching is a good fit we can discuss how to proceed and get started with your plan for success.


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