7 Day Budget Sprint Course

Budgeting is THE critical skill for taking control of your monthly finances…so you can win with money! In less time that it takes to watch one (1) Netflix episode a day, you will be taking steps to become financially fit so you can reach your dreams.

By completing this challenge, you will…

  • Build your budget – for most people, it will be the first budget they have ever done.
  • Clarify your financial dreams – your fuel for winning with money.
  • Understand the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps – the proven process to win with money over time.
  • Create your debt snowball – the tool to become debt-free.
  • Learn tips to get the most out of your budget.
  • Practice daily disciplines – for winning with money.
  • Join the Elite 5% - of people who do a budget. (BTW…80% of ALL MILLIONAIRES do a budget
    every month).

$97.00 USD